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Trapper Keeper

An icon of the 80's and early 90's, the Trapper Keeper was relaunched for back-to-school in 2021. To get the word out out on a limited budget, we focused on social platforms and a group of influencers. We sent each influencer a custom boom box container to unveil one of the relaunched designs. In each box we included a few vintage 80's items - jelly bracelets, leg warmers and wristbands, a poster with fun 80's and a Trapper Keeper trivia, and a cassette MP3 player full of eighties inspired stock tracks with older school foam headphones. It was an absolute hit with the influencers as well as customers - the inventory of Trappers sold out in just a few weeks from launch. With last year's success, Trapper will be entering the 2022  school year with a eight more retro covers that are sure to sell out just as fast.

Role: creative direction

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