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Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric (LE) has been the global leader in arc welding and cutting for 125 years. In March of 2018, LE opened its new, state-of-the-art The Welding Technology and Training Center. Months before it opened, LE came to us to help design several of the interior spaces. From wall graphics identifying classrooms and highlighting careers to a mural to bring color to the lunch area and signage in the main lobby welcoming students and visitors. We were also asked to create a way to show the history of LE and a "hall of patents" for all the patents which LE has been responsible.  

Role: concepting, art direction, layout of LE history wall and patent "hall of fame"

The History of Lincoln Electric Wall

His Wall 1_edited.jpg
History Wall 2
History Wall 1

Patent "Hall of Fame"

Tour 1.png
Patent Wall
Patent Wall 2

Lincoln Electric The Welding Technology and Training Center

2018 Winner Gold Addy AAF-CLE

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